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Oscar Enriquez
Hi, I'm Oscar, and I'm an Alien.....
There's Nothing Interesting about me ...or is it?

About Me!

name: Oscar Enriquez
age: 20
birthday: Sep 15
zodiac: Virgo
single or taken: single
height: idk like 175 cm
eye color: Dark like my soul
middle name:  …Enriquez
favorite color: Blue, Purple, Black & Whites
lucky number: 13

hogwarts house: idk
favorite fictional character: I have many…
favorite television show: I Don’t really watch TV but I love “2 Broke Girls”
favorite season: Autumn 
describe yourself in a few words: Hi, I’m weird.
meaning of your name: "god" and "spear"
ultimate otp: umm 
what do you plan to/do for a living: I Don’t know. Although I’m currently working at a radio station. 
starbucks order: A Trenta frapuccino yusss

introvert or extrovert: both 
dawn or dusk: dusk
righty or lefty: right
coffee or tea: both
rain or shine: rain, even though it makes me super sad.
reading or writing: Writing. 

Gnučči \ 360 Donna